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Alpha Wolf+ First Look: EVs Becoming Pickups, Pickups Becoming Trucks

Another wolf p’up has been added to the pack, and it too is an alpha. The Wolf+ (Wolf Plus) has joined the Wolf as the second EV truck in the Alpha Electric Truck Series offered by the SoCal EV startup company called Alpha Motor Corporation.

As implied by the name, the Wolf+ is an extended-cab, four-seat version of the Wolf and shares its platform. The company emphasizes that it’s going to be built for utility and adventure, two buzz words that’ll be key for all electric trucks of the future. The extended-cab portion consists of two three-quarter size clamshell doors that open in suicide fashion (reminiscent of traditional extended-cab mini trucks). The rear features two permanent forward-facing seats rather than center-facing fold-down jump seats. A rear center console (cupholders included) separates the very upright, completely un-bolstered seats. For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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