Acura Owner Takes MDX Skateboarding And Instantly Regrets It


Acura Owner Takes MDX Skateboarding And Instantly Regrets It

The Acura MDX is a perfectly competent SUV that will ferry you and your offspring to and fro with minimal fuss. While it’s at home in most environments, a skate park certainly isn’t one of them – that’s Lexus territory. This MDX driver decided, for some reason, to tackle Colorado’s Memorial Skate Park in his Acura, leading to some fairly embarrassing results.



The premium SUV gingerly approaches the edge of a bowl at an angle, pushing the right rear side of the MDX up into the air. Even though it’s got some extra ground clearance, the Acura isn’t a true off-roader. As it plunges in, the undercarriage scrapes the concrete edge before the rear bumper is ripped off on the right side.



It’s unclear as to why the driver of this MDX would do this. Not only did he damage his car, but could have potentially put the lives of young kids at risk by pulling this bizarre stunt. He most likely damages his front bumper as the Acura hits the ramp across the way. The SUV struggles for grip, the front wheel spinning momentarily before setting off again.



For the full story, check out this article from Car Buzz.


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