AC Will Build an All-Electric Ace


AC Will Build an All-Electric Ace

AC Cars has been sold, re-founded, and re-imagined a half-dozen times for a reason. While the company has had issues developing a sustainable business model and product line, it contributed the chassis to what may be the greatest car ever made. The latest iteration of AC has maintained the heritage of that legendary Cobra with all-electric recreations since last year, but today it has expanded the product line to include an all-electric take on the car the Cobra was based on.

This the AC Ace RS Electric. As the name indicates, it is based on the AC Ace RS. In early 1960s AC model designation speak, that was the car powered by a Ford inline 6 introduced eight years after Ace production began. It was fittingly brilliant, as everything ever based on the Ace chassis was, but it came along just as the company came to realize that Carroll Shelby’s innovation on the same platform was a revolution, so only 37 original cars were built. This being an electric car, however, the engine in the car it was built to replicate is unimportant.

The Ace RS Electric has the same 308 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of peak torque as the electric Cobra Series 1 that premiered last year, but the Ace weighs in 400 pounds lighter. As a direct result, the 0-60 time falls to 5.5 seconds. Range also climbs 50 miles to a respectable 200 miles, despite a battery capacity of just 38 kWh. For comparison, an original inline 6 Ace RS would reach 60 MPH in 8.1 seconds. For the full story, check out this article from Road & Track.

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