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A Safari Conversion Nearly Quadrupled This 2007 Porsche 911’s Value

“”Investing” in a suspension lift, new wheels, big tires, and a slew of other modifications is typically a fun way to tell your spouse you’re throwing money into a huge furnace to fuel your car addiction. But in this case, it’s no exaggeration. In 2018, a Bring a Trailer user bought a rather tame 2007 Porsche Carrera 911 for $37,200 and spent a portion of the next three years modifying it into a “Safari”-spec off-road racer. After all of the modifications were complete and another 4,000 miles were put on the car, it was reposted to BaT, fetching nearly four times the original sale price.

Selling for $121,000 last week, it looks like those mods were actually—shockingly—a good investment. It seems like you don’t need to be Singer to make an expensive off-road 911, then.” For the full story, check out the full article from The Drive.

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