A Rented Tesla Model S Just Shattered the EV Cannonball Record


A Rented Tesla Model S Just Shattered the EV Cannonball Record

The timetables dictated that he leave Manhattan in the middle of the afternoon. So, as he describes it, Ryan Levenson, just after setting off on his attempt to break the electric cross-country Cannonball record, was going three miles per hour in stop-and-go traffic. The kind of setback that’d take until Texas to make up. But it didn’t matter. He had broken it once in 2017, once on the drive from L.A. to New York, and would break it again on this journey.

His official record, set with friend and co-driver Josh Allen on October 22, 2021 in a 2021 Tesla Model S Long Range, would be 42 hours and 17 minutes. That beats the previous coast-to-coast electric vehicle record of 44 hours and 26—set in a Porsche Taycan—by over 2 hours.

Doing so required a Herculean effort. Levenson, founder of EV promotion and rental company The Kilowatts, planned the run as part of his broader mission to demonstrate the capability and excitement of modern EVs. He’d partially accomplished that back in 2017, but because he was an employee of Tesla at the time, he did it mostly on the down-low. Now, he can share his story with us and with VinWiki on YouTube.

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