992 GT3 Put Down An Absolute Scorcher On The Ring


992 GT3 Put Down An Absolute Scorcher On The Ring

The new GT3 has arrived and it is no surprise is shaking up the car world. From the stunning design to the pure performance and advancements from the 991.

The new GT3 also gets larger cast-iron brake discs than the old model, though they’re actually lighter thanks to a narrower friction ring. Carbon-ceramic brakes are available as an option. As with all 992s, the GT3 has staggered wheels, 20s in front wrapped in 255/35 tires, 21s out back with 315/35 rubber. You can also get the new GT3 with super-sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tires, if you want to set some crazy lap times. More on that later.

Aerodynamics also make a significant step forward with this new GT3. The most obvious feature is the swan-neck rear wing, with its unique mounts allowing cleaner flow underneath and four positions of adjustment. Up front, there are new twin vents in the hood—replacing the now-familiar single vent used in previous GT models—and an adjustable splitter and diffusers behind each wheel. In its normal settings, the new GT3 makes 50 percent more downforce than its predecessor; with everything set to maximum attack, it makes 150 percent more.

The result of all this is wild. Sure a 3.2-second 0-60 mph run and a 197-mph top speed are impressive and all, but what’s far more telling is the Nürburgring lap time. On the longer 12.94-mile configuration of the circuit, the 992 GT3 ran a 6:59.927 lap—17 seconds faster than the 991. That’s moving.

The article from Road & Track goes more in depth on the 992 GT3 Lap Time

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Here is an onboard video of the 992 GT3 Tearing it up at the Ring!