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7s Day: A Day Dedicated To Rotary Power

Well, I have returned for another review,  This one I hold near and dear to my heart as it is an event I wanted to attend for some time and finally had the chance to make it.  I am talking about July 7th,  But to certain people, it is called 7s day.  A day dedicated to Rx7’s and Rotary power plant cars.  I sold my original FD prior to being able to make it to any and obtaining one this year gave me the opportunity to do so.  The event took place in an undisclosed location in NJ where all rotary owners met along with all Japanese culture cars.  Having my car running so so I said I am not missing this no matter what.  I hopped in and headed over.  The crowd was immense.  I was blown away by the Rx7 scene of NJ as it has changed so much since the last time I owned one.  Everyone is super welcoming and awesome and this event could not have gone any smoother.  There was a cruise that went out to Manhattan but I opted out due to the car’s current engine condition and it running on race gas.  The Lot was segmented into sections of rotaries and non-rotaries and all rotary owners sectioned off areas for generations so the same cars were all together.  I parked with all the FD’s and I felt at home.  People came swarming around. I was the only one with a full cage and was barraged with questions.  I got many compliments on the condition of the car and how the car was presented which was very relieving as I thought the car was not in best shape mainly due to the power train.  This event is held yearly and I encourage all rotary owners to come out and those into the import scene.  The cars there were immaculate and I made a ton of new friends.   I will forever be attending these and just wait until my Rx7 is in its final form.  I saw some of the rarest versions of Rx7s and many other cars.  Everyone was respected and was like a massive family.  That is what Garden State Motor Club is about, respecting all and creating a massive family to create unforgettable times.  I want to thank for putting together this amazing event, Can’t wait for the next.

Below are some photos from the event that I took. A gallery will be created shortly.

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