580 V-8 vs. EQS580: Is a Six-Figure Luxury Sedan Better With Gas or Electric Power?


580 V-8 vs. EQS580: Is a Six-Figure Luxury Sedan Better With Gas or Electric Power?

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has been untouchable, until now. Finally, another flagship sedan stands a chance of intercepting Benz intenders before they default to an S-Class, and that party-crasher sedan is from Mercedes itself. The fully electric EQS aims for the same top end of the market as the S-Class, but does so with a fresher formula than its conventional, almost stagnant counterpart.

At the top of the non-AMG EQS range is the EQS580, which keeps up with a Mustang Shelby GT500 in a straight line while suffocating occupants with silence and luxury. But this gas-versus-electricity battle is about more than just numbers and stifling quiet. If you have more than $100,000 for a luxury car that symbolizes wealth and good taste, you’re probably going to look for a three-pointed star. Now, there are two choices when you get to the dealer. Both full-size Mercedes four-doors are 2022 Car of the Year finalists, but only one earns a first-place recommendation in this comparison. Which one is it—the gas model, or the new-age EV?

“S580” may literally be a part of the EQS580’s name, but the two expensive luxury cars execute six-figure luxury in vastly different ways. The S-Class doesn’t stray too far from what’s made it a dominating force in its segment. Now available with I-6 and V-8 engines, the S-Class will add a plug-in hybrid model soon for those not ready to plunge into a fully electric future. And thanks to the EQS, loyal Mercedes buyers no longer need to look to the nearly $100,000 Tesla Model S or the spectacular—but barely established—Lucid Air. We’re using the term luxury sedan loosely in this comparison; because the EQS580’s rear glass lifts with the trunk lid, it’s technically a hatchback.

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