27WON Performance Tackles the New 2022 Honda Civic


27WON Performance Tackles the New 2022 Honda Civic

Honda’s debut of the 11th generation Civic sedan, as expected, was met with considerable backlash from the enthusiast community. Not unlike the generation prior, and several before that, the online critics had a field day ripping it to shreds. Many current 10th-generation owners feel that it’s a tamed version of the previous model and lacks the aggressive lines of the 2016-2021 models. Could some attention from the aftermarket change minds? A few brands are diving headfirst into the 2022 Civic, one of which is 27WON Performance, a group that knows a thing or two about modern Hondas.

For many modern-day Civic fans, the 10th generation was arguably one of the very best they’d experienced to date with great handling, a boosted power plant with useable torque, and competitive pricing. And its sales figures prove that Honda knocked it out of the park—and that the 11th-gen has much to live up to.

It’s been a few months now since the all-new 2022 Honda Civic has hit the streets and although the Civic line carries a huge aftermarket presence and ever-growing fan base, the aftermarket for this latest model has been off to a rather slow start. There aren’t many brands or companies acquiring a car to quickly jump on R&D in order to see what the car can do. But 27WON is, and we wanted to see what they were cooking up. For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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