2400-HP Hennessey Six-Wheel-Drive Electric Hyper-GT Is Coming


2400-HP Hennessey Six-Wheel-Drive Electric Hyper-GT Is Coming

We haven’t driven the production version of Hennsessey Performance’s F5 hypercar yet, but the Texas company has already announced what it is planning to build next. And even by the brand’s high standards of showmanship the grandly named Project Deep Space is outlandish enough to have us checking calendars to see if April 1 has come five months ahead of time.

Project Deep Space is set to be a street-legal, six-wheeled EV “hyper GT” which will feature a carbon-fiber structure, a central driving position, a diamond-shaped four-seat layout, and a power output that is likely to be somewhere around 2400 horsepower. It will cost at least $3 million, no more than 105 will be made, and production is scheduled to begin in 2026.

Hennessey Performance has only released these two sketches to illustrate the basics of the car’s layout and proportions, but Car and Driver has been given both a closer look at more detailed designs and the chance to talk to John Hennessey about what, if delivered, will be his company’s most extreme vehicle so far.

“I’ve been looking at electrification since Tesla came out, but the biggest thing that’s bothered me about EVs is always the weight,” he said. “They can be as fast as a dragster in a straight line, but when it comes to turning or stopping you can’t bend the rules of physics . . . Then I thought, what if our next car isn’t a hypercar like the F5 and we accept the fact it is going to weigh something more than 4000 pounds—that maybe it could be something that carries more than two people.”

For the full story, check out this article from Car And Driver.

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