234-MPH Porsche 928 With 1,114 Horsepower Heads To Auction


234-MPH Porsche 928 With 1,114 Horsepower Heads To Auction

It can do impressive things on the track, too.

Mecum has a wild Porsche 928 going up for auction. The heavily modified 1978 example is the fastest 928 in the world after reaching 234.434 miles per hour (377.8 kilometers per hour) at the TRC Proving Grounds in 2020.

To be capable of this speed, this 928 packs a bored-out 6.54-liter V8 making 1,114 horsepower (831 kilowatts) and 956 pound-feet (1,296 Newton-meters of torque. The engine has extensive modifications, most notable a Vortech supercharger, custom camshafts, a heavily upgraded valvetrain, ported heads, custom intake, and TecGT engine management system. The power runs to a six-speed manual with close-ratio gears and a Getrag limited-slip differential.

The rest of the car also has upgrades that let it perform better on the track. 928 Motorsports’, the builder, own springs are over double-adjustable shocks at each corner. There are also adjustable sway bars. The brakes are Brembo vented and cross-drilled rotors with four-piston calipers. The Porsche rides on Forgeline 18-inch wheels with Hoosier tires.

The exterior of the 928 has a widebody kit and a carbon fiber rear wing. The doors, hatchback, and front clip are removable without doors. There’s an aerodynamic pan underneath the car. A mold to make new front clips is included in the auction. For the full story, check out this article from Motor 1.

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