2023 Ford Bronco Raptor: Everything We Know So Far


2023 Ford Bronco Raptor: Everything We Know So Far

With customers finally starting to take delivery of their 2021 Ford Broncos, eyes are now on the upcoming performance model, the Bronco Raptor. Just confirmed by Ford, this hardcore variant of the off-roading icon promises to bring capabilities and learnings from the F-150 of the same name. Here’s everything that we think we know about the SUV at this point.

One cannot begin to explain the Bronco Raptor without addressing the naming issue. For months now there was a debate surrounding whether the SUV will wear the familiar Raptor nameplate or the long-rumored Warthog moniker. Ford cleared that up when it confirmed the Bronco Raptor name at the 2021 Motor Bella event outside Detroit. Still, there’s a chance that the Bronco Warthog could be a reality as well.

The standard Bronco lineup includes several trim levels tailored to various off-road activities. The Wildtrak trim for example has been touted as a higher-speed desert runner, while the range-topping Badlands is more geared to rock crawling and trail duty. It is possible that the Bronco Raptor will fall more in line with the Baja-bashing capabilities of its F-150 sibling, while an additional Warthog package comes geared towards more technical off-roading. For now, however, no official word exists as to what name the upgraded 4×4 will wear. For the sake of keeping things clear, we’ll utilize the Raptor nameplate below. For the full story, check out this article from Road & Track.

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