2023 BMW M2 Spy Photos Reveal The Leaks From China Were Legit


2023 BMW M2 Spy Photos Reveal The Leaks From China Were Legit

How about that new grille?

BMW unveiled the new 2 Series at the beginning of the month and it didn’t take too long for the M2 to partially leak online. Originating from China, photos of the high-performance coupe’s front bumper emerged on social media days after the 2er’s debut. Some people – including yours truly – had doubts about the authenticity of those images since the front grille design was substantially different compared to the regular 2 Series Coupe.

As it turns out, those pics depicting the front fascia of the G87-generation M2 were accurate since our spies have just spotted the speedy coupe with exposed kidneys. Much like the 3 Series Sedan has a different grille design compared to the M3, it would appear BMW will be going down the same road to create a visual distinction between the 2 Series Coupe and the range-topping model. However, the 4 Series Coupe shares the controversial grille with the M4 Coupe, so design consistency doesn’t seem to be a top priority for BMW.

Proving that it’s still hip to be square in 2021, BMW is preparing some rather chunky air intakes for the M2 to go along with a more angular take on the front grille. We’re getting the impression the headlights are also different compared to those of the new 2 Series Coupe, although it could be the camouflage playing tricks on us. For the full story, check out this article from Motor 1.

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