2022 Volkswagen Golf R Cuts Loose in Drift Mode


2022 Volkswagen Golf R Cuts Loose in Drift Mode

The Volkswagen Golf R is one of the performance-car world’s great stoics. The highly evolved hot hatch has traditionally used its all-wheel-drive system to keep its tires stuck to the pavement and its tail obediently following its nose. Like Formula 1’s Kimi Räikkönen and commercial air travel, the Golf R is capable of traveling very fast with very little emotion.

That changes with the 2022 Golf R. A new all-wheel-drive system plus Drift mode help the fifth-generation R car cut loose by breaking traction at the rear tires. To prove that it works, Volkswagen invited us to play in Michigan’s frozen Upper Peninsula, a place so far north that it’s routinely left off maps of the United States. Although we’ve already briefly driven the Golf R in Germany, I’ve been stuck driving a desk in my basement for the past 12 months. I was happy to make the 700-mile round trip for about 20 minutes of seat time before the Golf R goes on sale in the U.S. later this year. For more, check out this article from Car And Driver.

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