2022 Toyota Land Cruiser Acceleration Test Shows Twin-Turbo V6 At Work


2022 Toyota Land Cruiser Acceleration Test Shows Twin-Turbo V6 At Work

Imagine this engine in a sports car rather than a large and heavy SUV.

Toyota unveiled the all-new Land Cruiser a couple of weeks ago and we haven’t heard much about the LC300 since then. Thankfully, a new onboard video shows the fullsize SUV being put through its paces in a brief acceleration test to demonstrate the performance capabilities of the twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6. It replaces the old naturally aspirated 5.7-liter V8, bringing more power and improved fuel economy.

With an advantage of nearly 30 hp and 80 pound-feet (108 Newton-meters) corroborated with the better low-end response provided by the pair of turbochargers, the new Land Cruiser manages to impress in the acceleration test. Keeping in mind the size and heft of the SUV, a sprint to 62 mph (100 km/h) in roughly seven seconds isn’t too shabby. Toyota quotes a 6.7-second for the job, which seems a fairly realistic figure to us.

It goes without saying the latest Land Cruiser hasn’t been conceived primarily for on-road performance, although there’s now a GR Sport trim level to spice things up a bit. The revamped engine – which could be installed in the 2022 Tundra as well – works with a ten-speed automatic transmission. One other major reason the LC300 has such a lively acceleration has to do with the revamped underpinnings, resulting in a massive weight loss of 441 pounds (200 kilograms). For the full story, check out this article from Motor 1.

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