2022 Radical SR10 Relishes Life on the Track


2022 Radical SR10 Relishes Life on the Track

Those with big budgets and a desire to show off their credentials as wannabe race drivers have no shortage of options these days, what with pretty much every supercar coming to market with a hardcore variant honed for track use. Yet while cars like the McLaren 765LT and Lamborghini Huracán STO largely serve as tribute acts, the Radical SR10 is very much the real thing: a turnkey, off-the-shelf race car you can buy from one of eight dealerships in the United States and which is eligible for Radical’s own racing series. As a slick-tire-wearing toy capable of generating more than 2.0 g’s of lateral grip and posting similar lap times to a top-flight GT3 race car, it’s also more than capable of dominating the sort of high-end track events where stripe-wearing supercars congregate.



Radical is based in Peterborough, England, but around two-thirds of its production comes to the U.S.; the company reckons there are around 1000 of its cars on this side of the pond. Radical offers a graduated range of cars which operate on the same principle employed by dealers in illicit substances: once you’ve had a taste, you’ll want more. All have similar bodywork, clearly inspired by prototype Le Mans racers, with the entry-level SR1 and midline SR3 models both employing Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle-sourced four-cylinder engines developing 182 and 226 horsepower, respectively. But we’ve come straight to the top of the range to drive the not-street-legal SR10, which features a heavily reworked turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder from Ford. Output is strong, at 425 horses and 380 pound-feet of torque, and the engine is tasked with motivating just 1600-or-so pounds of car.

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