2022 Mercedes-AMG SL Final Teaser Hypes Up October 28 Reveal


2022 Mercedes-AMG SL Final Teaser Hypes Up October 28 Reveal

The Mercedes-Benz SL is dead. Long live the AMG SL. After about a decade, the R231 is finally being retired to make way for a completely new Sport Leicht developed by the skilled folks based in Affalterbach. The AMG GT Convertible replacement will officially debut tomorrow, thus giving the three-pointed star enough time to squeeze in one more teaser to boost the excitement until the big day.

The camouflage is finally gone, allowing us to take a peek at the SL’s sharp styling in line with recent products from Mercedes. AMG’s new 2+2 roadster will have a fabric roof as the days of hardtops are mostly over since these are heavier and take up a lot more space in the trunk when folded. Plenty of prototypes have revealed the new two-door sports cabriolet will have the Panamericana grille and a quad exhaust, which makes sense considering even the compact “45” models have them.

The 2022 SL was developed from the ground up as it has nothing to do with the outgoing model or the GT Roadster. For starters, it’s the first SL to ever feature all-wheel drive and Mercedes says it has engineered the car to comply with the company’s own safety requirements in the event of a crash, which they say surpass those mandated by law.

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