2022 Mercedes-AMG S63e Plug-In Hybrid Spied Not Hiding Much


2022 Mercedes-AMG S63e Plug-In Hybrid Spied Not Hiding Much

Brace yourselves. The AMG PHEVs are coming.

The new Mercedes S-Class already offers a multitude of powertrain options varying from inline-sixes to the mighty V12 reserved for the extra-long version. The Benz and Maybach models will soon be joined by an AMG, which will be carrying the E-Performance branding as part of the company’s lineup of electrified performance cars.

A thinly covered prototype of the S63e (name not confirmed yet) has now been spotted by our spies, revealing its plug-in hybrid nature by flaunting fuel caps on both rear fenders. It’s pretty obvious we’re dealing with the AMG version as there are many clues: Panamericana grille, larger air vents, lowered ride height, big brakes, and a quad exhaust flanking the rear diffuser.

Good ol’ duct tape is used to hold in place wires that seem to be going from inside the cabin through the rear door on the driver’s side to underneath the prototype. AMG must be making some last-minute tweaks to the hybrid S63 by testing the electrified sporty limo near and at the Nürburgring. Judging by the light camouflage, the official reveal is likely happening sooner rather than later. For the full story, check out this article from Motor 1.

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