2022 Honda Civic Si First Look Review: The Math Checks Out


2022 Honda Civic Si First Look Review: The Math Checks Out

It takes a lot of math to build a car, and even a math-challenged automotive journalist can recognize a formula that works: Add a bit more power, make it handle better, tighten up the transmission, and don’t charge too much more for it. It’s not meant to be the ultimate performance Civic; that’s the Type RThe 2022 Honda Civic Si sedan looks to be the latest result of that time-tested formula.

The 2022 Civic Si will only be available as a four-door sedan, though it does steal a couple bits from the Type R hatchback. Both affect the manual transmission, the only option on an Si. One is the Type R’s automatic rev-matching feature, which can thankfully be turned off as it can on the Type R. No one wants to drop a bad, possibly expensive, shift, but we learn by doing, not having the computer do it for us. Switching to Sport mode disables it, or you can disable it permanently by going into the Vehicle Settings menu.

The other is a Drive Mode switch with a customizable Individual mode where you can set the throttle response, steering weight, and instrument panel graphics. Selecting Sport mode takes care of the rev-match, weights up the steering, amps up the throttle response, and kills the automatic engine stop/start system.

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