2022 Ford Maverick First Edition Spotted In The Metal


2022 Ford Maverick First Edition Spotted In The Metal

The new pickup is caught in the wild.

Details about the Ford Maverick First Edition leaked earlier this week, yet Ford is still keeping quiet about what customers should expect. We’ll get the full rundown before the pickup goes on sale later this year, which is expected to arrive at dealers this fall. We’ve learned a lot already, and new photos from Mavericktruckclub.com provide us with our first glimpse of the pickup in the metal, which was caught in the Las Vegas area.

The truck matches the marketing materials leaked from Ford earlier this week, and the Maverick is wearing the same Area 51 exterior paint, too. The truck in the photos shows off the graphics package to the doors and hood, the body-color door handles, and the soft tonneau cover. We know the First Edition will also receive black skull caps for the side-view mirrors, a high-gloss black painted roof, and unique wheels, though this test vehicle wasn’t wearing them. For the full story, check out this article from Motor 1.

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