2022 BMW Alpina B8 Gran Coupe First Look: An Extra-Special Stunner


2022 BMW Alpina B8 Gran Coupe First Look: An Extra-Special Stunner

BMW’s 8 Series Gran Coupe is a large vehicle that makes a suitably large impression. And despite its mass, it’s a performer, even in base 840i guise. More than that, it feels special and momentous in a way unlike that of many modern BMWs. The M8 takes this fundamental goodness and stretches it in the performance direction, and now the 2022 Alpina B8 Gran Coupe adds an extra dose of specialness and craftsmanship to the mix.

Consumer in the United States already enjoys a couple of Alpina models at the moment. Specifically, the XB7 and B7 (there are other offerings abroad that we don’t get, too). For the Alpinista looking for a more stylish, more sporting way to get that special Alpina feeling, the B8 Gran Coupe might just be the ticket.

The first impression is pitch perfect. Just look at that dark, rich Alpina Green Metallic seen in the gallery above. This hue, like the also available Blue Metallic, is exclusive to Alpina models. Think of it as a kind of visual secret handshake for those in the know about Alpinas. And if the color doesn’t tip you off, well, there’s the large “ALPINA” spelled out right on the front splitter, prominently under a taillight, and also telegraphed by the 20-spoke Alpina wheels with the iconic red-and-blue shield logo on the hubcap. The large Brembo calipers are also blue with Alpina branding, and while the car still wears BMW roundels, the view under the hood is 100 percent Alpina thanks to a branded engine cover. For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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