2022 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe First Drive: Better Than the Actual Coupe


2022 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe First Drive: Better Than the Actual Coupe

It’s easy to deride the “Gran Coupe” badge as marketing mumbo jumbo. Some BMW models that wear it fail at the Gran aspect, and not one of these sleek four-door sedans is a proper Coupe. Sometimes, though, a BMW Gran Coupe is more compelling than the two-door model it is based on. Such is the case with the 4 Series and its Gran Coupe iteration.

Introduced in coupe and convertible forms for 2021, the 4 Series gains a Gran Coupe variant for 2022. With rear doors and a larger cargo area, the Gran Coupe has practicality absent from other 4 Series models. Sure, but get a 3 Series—the 4 Series’ mechanically identical formal sedan counterpart—if you want something truly sensible. Isn’t the allure of a coupe its very coupe-ness; rejecting pragmatism for style and splendor? Yes, which is why the swept-roof 4 Series Gran Coupe is sultrier than the similar yet more traditional 3 Series sedan. And yet, pragmatism can’t be entirely ignored if it comes at little cost to style or handling, meaning that, among 4 Series models, the practical-yet-attractive Gran Coupe is the one to get.

Two doors or four, roofed or alfresco, that grille remains the 4 Series’ stylistic focus. If time is needed to come to terms with the pair of vertically oriented nostrils where BMW’s classic kidney grilles used to live, the wait continues.

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