2021 McLaren Sabre Sharpens the Supercar


2021 McLaren Sabre Sharpens the Supercar

You won’t confuse the Sabre with any other McLaren. McLaren Special Operations (MSO) made sure of it. The model is one of the division’s bespoke commissions, meaning it’s an extremely low-production car built to an exacting set of requirements from some of McLaren’s highest-value customers. The result is a polarizing, wild car that was sold to just 15 people in the United States.

“Sabre was designed with a brief to be a show car for the road,” Neil Underwood, MSO’s global sales manager, tells us. “Customers wanted the car to look like it arrived from space. I think we delivered.”

The design is beyond dramatic. While it shares its greenhouse with the ultra-aggressive Senna (homologating one for such a limited model would be a nightmare), more than 70 percent of the parts on the Sabre are unique to it. And because MSO built this car specifically for the United States, it didn’t have to worry about meeting rules for any other country. That’s why this is McLaren’s widest car, with a body that appears to be shrink-wrapped over the mechanical components.

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