2021 Ford Ranger Tremor Fast Facts: Shaking Loose This Pickup’s Appeal


2021 Ford Ranger Tremor Fast Facts: Shaking Loose This Pickup’s Appeal

We’ve just spent a week with a Ford Ranger Tremor, the off-roadiest version of Ford’s midsize Ranger pickup. We came away with these seven takeaways that every off-road-curious truck buyer considering a Tremor should stuff in their pocket.

We’ve seen the Ford Ranger Tremor compared to the larger Ford F-150 Raptor (we’ve even made some ourselves), but that’s not quite fair, as a key ingredient in the Raptor formula—extra horsepower—just isn’t on the Tremor menu. Really, the Tremor’s closest analogue is the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, a direct competitor which has been impressing us for years with its insanely good off-road ability.

Jeep’s hot Gladiator pickup had to be in Ford’s sights, as well, since the ZR2 and the Ranger Tremor certainly compete with the Gladiator in terms of off-road specs. The Ford’s ground clearance of 9.7 inches is only 0.3 inch less than the base Gladiator’s, although it can’t really touch the Gladiator Mojave‘s 11.6-inch figure. The Ranger Tremor’s approach angle isn’t as good—30.9 versus 40.8 degrees for the base Gladiator and 44.7 for the Mojave—but the Ford truck’s departure angle of 25.5 degrees equals the Gladiator Mojave’s and betters the base Gladiator’s. And no Gladiator can match the Ranger Tremor’s 24.2-degree breakover angle—which is even better than that of the Wrangler Unlimited. For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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