2021 BMW M4 Competition Excels Where It Counts


2021 BMW M4 Competition Excels Where It Counts

All it takes is 503 horsepower to make you forget about the new BMW M4’s grille.

The most controversial feature of the new M4 lies not beneath its hood but in front of it, where the traditional BMW twin-kidney grille has mutated into something more like a quad-kidney setup. When bisected by a European license plate, the M4 looks like someone copied and pasted the upper grille into the lower fascia. Hey, maybe we’ll appreciate it someday. It was hard to find defenders of the Chris Bangle cars in their own time, but they’re looking pretty good now. Or maybe this new grille is just making us nostalgic for the days of flame surfacing.

The M4 Competition certainly makes us nostalgic, in the best way, for the M3s of bygone eras. Recall that the M3 began as a two-door and was eventually offered as a coupe or four-door until BMW did the logical thing and renamed the four-door cars M4. Hold on, sorry. They did the opposite of that. So, here we have the two-door version of the M3, the M4, which has grown so significantly that you might as well view it as today’s M6. Follow? For the full story, check out this article from Car And Driver.

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