2021 BMW M2 CS Manual First Test: More Than Just a Sporty Car


2021 BMW M2 CS Manual First Test: More Than Just a Sporty Car

If you’re washing the dishes while daydreaming about laying on a beach in Cabo sipping a piña colada, are you really washing the dishes? It might be laborious tedium, but if you aren’t conscious of your presence, thoughts, and actions, are you really there? The 2021 BMW M2 CS with the six-speed manual asks that exact question, but of the act of driving, not dishwashing.

We’ve already lauded the DCT-equipped M2 CS as one of the best driver’s cars to ever wear the famed roundel—it might even be the GOAT. Sure, there are Bimmers with a sweeter soundtrack, and there are certainly M cars with more power. But none of them have been as thrilling, as focused, and as complete, as the Misano Blue M2 CS we tested earlier this year.

This Alpine White example is nearly identical to the smurf-CS—$8,500 optional carbon ceramic brakes and all—except for that third pedal over there on the left and that foreign-looking lever in between the front seats. As a result, the manual CS is a few grand cheaper than its automatic counterpart, ringing in at $93,095. But the difference in gearboxes isn’t just mechanical or monetary. It’s visceral—some might even say philosophical. For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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