10 Best Cars and Trucks for 2022


10 Best Cars and Trucks for 2022

At 40 years old, our 10 Best award remains fit, vigorous, and full of automotive goodness. Our keenest readers will immediately notice that 2022 adds several new vehicles to our list of favorites, which means a few of last year’s winners have been vanquished.

What makes our award different is that a vehicle can earn and then maintain a position on the list year after year. A 10Best nod also ensures that the cars and trucks so honored aren’t just the best of what’s new but the best of what’s for sale for less than our base-price cutoff of $90,000.

For two full weeks, former winners face new cars and trucks. After driving, probing, climbing into third rows, opening trunks, learning infotainment systems, doing instrumented testing, and taking diligent notes, we score each vehicle on a 100-point scale. The cars and trucks that emerge all have something unique, a special power that makes them better than the rest. Keep reading to see the 10Best heroes of 2022.

For the full story, check out this article from Car And Driver.

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